Rpm shift point calculator

Enter your gear ratios and other basic information and the Speed-Wiz Shift Point Calculation will tell you what the ideal shift points are to keep the transmission output torque to the drive wheels at its maximum.

Enter your engine's torque peak and redline and your car's driven tire diameter, differential ratio, and transmission gear ratios. In the Shift at box, the calculated shift points are automatically entered, but you can enter different shift points if you wish to specify them. These shift points are used to simulate acceleration in the acceleration table and the acceleration plot. Press the Reset button to automatically set all of the shift at settings to the calculated shift points.

Shift points can be calculated by torque curve or by torque peak RPM you enter. Of course, calculating using the entire torque curve is more accurate than just using the torque peak because most torque curves are not symmetrical. Optimize your shift points to keep your transmission output torque as high as possible throughout your acceleration. You may be surprised when you find that running to redline is not always the fastest way to drive. Home Calculations Chassis calculations Shift points Shift Points Calculation Enter your gear ratios and other basic information and the Speed-Wiz Shift Point Calculation will tell you what the ideal shift points are to keep the transmission output torque to the drive wheels at its maximum.

Shift points graph Shift points combined graph.Given a few bits of information on your drivetrain and tires it will computer shift points, max RPM. You can enter tire size by the standard profile numbers or by the tire diameter. Transmission gear selection can be from a list of some common gearboxes or enter the gear ratios Up to 8 Speeds manually. What's this for?

Well you can use it to size your tires, rear axle ratio and determine shift points and all that. This is an EZ to use and web based shift point calculator! This is sometimes gear shift drop calculator. The calculator outputs speed in each gear at 5mph intervals up to the maximum RPM. This is a text file for easy printing, just cut and paste into your word processor or text editor. Use this data to optimize your driving.

Trying to figure out the optimum shift point, this is a good starting point. These charts are interactive, you can zoom, and click on various parts of the chart to read data at the mouse.

If you are on a phone your mileage may vary. Double Click the Chart to reset the Chart back to normal zoom. This can be sometimes tricking on mobile devices! All Rights Reserved. Content May NOT be used without written permission.

Use at your own risk.In a manual transmission, the driver rather than the engine shifts the gears of the car. A driver knows when to shift gears based on the RPM or revolutions per minute of the engine.

Shifting at a higher RPM provides increases the acceleration of the car, but if the RPM gets too high it can damage the engine or blow up the car. Keep an eye on the tachometer which measures the RPM. Most tachometers have numbers from 1 to 7 or 1 to 9 that correspond to the RPM.

rpm shift point calculator

Multiply the number by to get the RPM of the engine. Shift gears between 2, and 2, RPM for optimal engine efficiency. Allowing the RPM to go up to 3, RPM or higher increases speed but makes the engine work harder, which reduces fuel economy.

Watch out for a red warning light or for numbers highlighted with red strips. If your RPM reaches a warning number or a warning light comes on, you need to up shift immediately. Over-revving the engine causes damages and may cause oil to leak onto a hot exhaust causing a fire.

Listen to the engine. As you drive a manual transmission, you naturally develop a RPM ear that helps you know when to shift. The faster the engine turns, or the more RPM, the louder your engine gets. Calculate the best RPM for shifting using gear ratios and torque curve. The next highest gear ratio divided by the current gear ratio provides you with an optimal time to shift.

Check the car's manual for recommend guidelines. The optimal RPM level changes depending on the type of car you drive. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

Optimal Shift Point

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Step 1 Keep an eye on the tachometer which measures the RPM. Step 2 Shift gears between 2, and 2, RPM for optimal engine efficiency. Step 3 Watch out for a red warning light or for numbers highlighted with red strips. Step 4 Listen to the engine. Step 5 Calculate the best RPM for shifting using gear ratios and torque curve. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.It was excellent having the cellphone and we felt comfortable knowing that if things needed to be changed, they would be.

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rpm shift point calculator

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HP / Optimum Shifting Point Calculator By Bowling

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rpm shift point calculator

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