Simplicity legacy xl vs john deere x738

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Require Photos. Require Video. Show More. Apply Filter Save Search. View Details. View Dealer Page.Click to Post a New Message! Post: Any advice would be greatly appreciated Kubota or Simplicity If you want to buy a sub compact diesel tractor you might as well go with the Kubota as compared to the Simplicity. That should tell you something about how lonely you will be with a Simplicity purchase. The Kubota has a Kubota engine and has years and years of experience in tractor design.

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It really isn't fun to own something that may not be around in a couple of years. Kubota or Simplicity Between these two I'd go with Kubota, if for no other reason than long term parts availability, service, and resale value. Kubota or Simplicity If you look at the two machines closely, you will notice that the Kubota is a miniature farm tractor.

The Legacy XL is an enlarged lawn tractor. This is fine if that's all you want to use it for, but most sub-compact owners want more than that. Things like hydraulics, 3pt and general layout make the Kubota much more usable. Examples: The construction of the FEL on the Kubota is far superior in weight of construction; the Legacy uses the FEL control for the 3pt, making their combined use impossible. Kubota or Simplicity Now you can here it from a former Legacy owner. Simplicity makes a very fine excellent machine.

simplicity legacy xl vs john deere x738

The quality in their equipemnt is second to none, including ALL the brands that are popular for compact owners. The Legacy I had some years ago was before the XL came out. The XL was put into production in an attempt to get some of the sub-compact market that was exploding with the BX and the series tractors. Simplicity added the 4wd and upgraded the hydraulics, along with improvements to the 3pt and a few more engine choices.

They are available with a Briggs diesel or Kawasaki liquid cooled gas. With all that said, If you want a Sub-compact tractor, don't buy a Legacy. They are the finest garden tractors on the market, but just don't have the "tractor" build to them. The sub-compacts are designed, and sometimes produced, by tractor people. Drive the Legacy and then a few of the sub-compacts and decide for yourself which will do what you need more efficiently.

Legacy vs Legacy XL

You'll notice a difference. I have nothing negative to say about Simplicity.Buying Advice. Pro Talk. Photos New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Today's Posts. Unread Posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Garden Tractors JD vs Simplicity. Thread starter Dogwalker10 Start date Jun 4, Dogwalker10 Member. Joined May 17, Threads 9 Messages My wife's X is starting to have some issues.

Thinking of replacing it with a Simplicity. Do not know if the are a better tractor, but the dealer has a good reputation. We do some mowing, push snow, pull a cart, and a yard sweeper. New tractor must have a weather shield and snow blade.

I do most of the mowing with the ZTR. Are the new X series better than our 8 year old? Joined May 23, Threads 91 Messages 5, Dogwalker10 said:. Rivets Lawn Pro. Joined Mar 11, Threads 42 Messages 9, I agree Simplicity, but the you should go with a mid range model.

A Regent will not do the job for you. Rivets said:.The V-twin, liquid-cooled John Deere iTorque power system with electronic fuel injection EFI provides exceptional performance and has the durability to handle commercial-use applications.

The John Deere iTorque power system includes a combination of engine features that provide more lugging ability, even cooling, and durability.

The The one-piece hood is hinged to open for convenient engine service. Engine intake air is drawn in through screened panels at the base of the pedestal and on the right and left sides of the tractor hood:.

An inertia-discharge canister with dry-type paper element surrounded by a foam precleaner cleans intake air for long engine life:. A large, 5. A high-capacity regulated alternator charging system provides plenty of power to quickly recharge the battery and run electrical equipment, such as lights or a sprayer:.

A large-capacity, cold-cranking amp battery provides plenty of cranking power for quick, sure starts in cold weather:. A deep-deck design of 5. Ramps are provided to permit driving over the mower deck for installing and removing it from the tractor:. The MulchControl attachment makes mulching more practical for many mowing situations because it not only does an excellent job of mulching but it also allows the mower to be easily converted for times when it is more desirable to side discharge or collect the lawn material.

Advantages of mulching grass clippings include:. The optional MulchControl attachment comes with a handle on top of the mower deck that is used to open and close the discharge baffle:. The hydraulic MulchControl actuator is an extra-cost option for the MulchControl attachment.

Changing from mulching to side discharge or vice versa with the hand lever or hydraulic MulchControl actuator option takes only a few seconds. MulchControl puts the operator in control of the clippings. Now the operator can have all the benefits of mulching with the ability to easily change to side-discharge or bagging when needed.

MulchControl limitations While in the side-discharge mode, MulchControl will still mulch about one-third of the material.

Therefore, the side-discharge mode is essentially a partial-mulch mode. This can be an advantage when side discharging or bagging, as it helps to reduce the amount of material being discharged. Other times this could work as a disadvantage:. MulchControl compatibility MulchControl is a field-installed attachment. Mulching blades are included:. The AutoConnect drive does not need to be removed from the tractor when using front-powered equipment. John Deere has designed a system that makes it easy to remove and reinstall the mower deck.

Simplicity Legacy XL™ Subcompact Garden Tractor

A few steps need to be followed carefully to ensure success. The list below includes the major steps. The tractor most likely has the mower already installed, so these steps begin with the removal procedure. Mower removal steps. Mower installation steps. When the master brake pedal is depressed, the power take-off PTO and cruise control disengage. Cruise control is standard equipment:.Then, the diesel variant got high marks with the conclusion the Legacy XL was definitely a subcompact-class tractor, with a few distinguishing differences.

In the two-part subcompact comparison Tractor. Should the Legacy XL have been included in the comparison? Read on and decide. Output from the V-Twin is sent via shaft to a single-range Tuff-Torq K92 hydrostatic transmission with a second shaft from the transmission driving the front axle.

Differential lock is standard. Modulation over the mph forward and Automatic traction control is a nice Simplicity feature which automatically locks the rear wheels whenever slippage is detected.

Combined with 4WD, the Simplicity Legacy XL is ready for challenging conditions from snow removal to ground-engaging activities. Onboard fuel is 6. Walking around the tractor, a number of new features jump out. The hood now has a racier design with a muscle car-like hood scoop, LED headlights and a mesh grille.

And the loader, still manufactured by Kwik-Way, now is a curved-boom mid-mount design, rather than the old subframe system. Simplicity has taken care to make the new mount system backward compatible, so that older Legacy tractors can accept a newer loader, while a newer model will still be compatible with older attachments such as a snowblower.

The steering wheel tilts for operator comfort. Checking the spec book and we found the tractor is still built around a heavy-duty seven-gauge frame with the front axle constructed from cast iron. The Kwik-Way loader is rated to lift lbs and can be removed in minutes without using tools.

A bolt-on upper lip protects the tractor hood from an inadvertent backwards spill and the whole setup is compatible with the mower deck so one does not have to be removed for the other to be used.

No Simplicity tractor review is complete without spending time on the mowing decks which deliver some of the finest cuts in the industry. The deck has two pivot wheels in front and a full width striping roller in the rear. Cut height is electrically adjustable from the dash with the readout graduated in quarter-inch increments from inches.

Simplicity is confident enough in the deck construction to place a step on it, along with giving fabricated decks a limited lifetime warranty. At idle, the hydraulics cycle nicely without jerkiness, but throttle up, and response will leave few wishing for more.

Ride comfort is more deluxe lawn and garden tractor than subcompact, with a lot of that credit going to the deep-cushioned seat. Simplicity tractors carry a three-year residential or one-year commercial warranty. Initially, all tractors outfitted with PTOs will be dealer installed.

So, is the Simplicity Legacy XL a true subcompact or is it a heavy-duty lawn and garden tractor on steroids? The Legacy XL has all the credentials of the tractors we chose to include in our subcompact comparison, less the diesel power.

simplicity legacy xl vs john deere x738

With a torque curve similar to that of a diesel, the EFI gasoline engine would certainly appeal to folks not interested in having a second fuel to store.

Lift capacity for the loader and we suspect the 3PH is on the low-end when compared to the subcompact tractors we included in our comparison, but is not at all objectionable. None of those tractors, however, can attest to the Simplicity cut quality that approaches that of a properly-sharpened and maintained reel mower. The Simplicity Legacy XL is meant to get the job done, whatever the job may be. For a property owner, commercial mower with other tractor requirements, municipality with ballparks that need to look their best, the Legacy XL should be on their shortlist to consider.

Terms of Use.The front quick-connect hydraulics and category 1 modified3-point hitch make attaching attachments easy. Electronic Fuel Injection EFI option provides easy automotive-style starting whether the engine is cold or hot and greater fuel efficiency.

An intuitive instrument panel complete with a fuel gauge and height-of-cut indicator provides the operator with a premium experience. The top-mounted work light conveniently adjusts to meet your directional needs and adds just the right amount of light to your project.

Reach new performance levels. The four wheel drive model features a shaft driven front axle for reliability and traction; shift between 2WD and 4WD on-the-go so it's there when you need it.

The all-in-one hydraulic joystick lever is integrated into the dash to easily raise, lower or steer attachments such as the mower deck, dozer blade or front-end loader. The rugged 61" fabricated mower deck offers a unique drive-over design to make installation and removal easy.

A 52" fabricated mower deck not a drive-over design is also available. Mower decks are sold separately. A long list of optional attachments, including a front-end loader, tiller, snow blower and rear backhoe, makes this tractor even more versatile and helps you accomplish any task. Only 2 products can be compared at once.

Please remove one of your selections to compare this product. Only 3 products can be compared at once. Length of engine warranty coverage varies by manufacturer. Prices are shown in U. Set-up, delivery, documentation and destination fees not included.

See dealer for details. Features vary by model. We reserve the right to change specifications, features and pricing without notice. The turbo blower tractor attachment easily attaches to the mower and gets power directly from the mower rather than an expensive auxiliary engine design.

The bushel hopper tilts for easy emptying; swivel-wheel design makes yard cleanup easy! This sturdy, cu. Featuring a lb. Maintain responsive handling and traction with heavy, rear-mounted attachments. Prepares and levels soil for smoother landscaping. A or inch heavy-duty fabricated mower deck ensures durability for the toughest conditions while also giving your yard a beautiful Simplicity Cut. The inch deck includes a unique drive-over design to make installation and removal even easier.

Collect up to bushels of grass clippings in three removable bags. Heavy-gauge steel, hydraulic lift blade is spring-loaded to absorb shock. Available with multi-position hydraulic angling. Featuring a heavy duty gearbox and side shift positioning.

simplicity legacy xl vs john deere x738

This heavy-duty tiller has a cultivating depth up to 7". Weight carrier and weights install easily.The Simplicity Legacy XL ride on lawn mower is the biggest tractor lawnmower available from Simplicity. You can choose from a range of 3 different 27 hp engines. There is also the choice of whether you want 2WD drive if you are not going to be particularly taxed with the terrain you will be operating it on or you can opt for the 4WD version if you are going to be working on difficult terrain.

The LegacyXL uses a hydrostatic transmission which means that you never have to spend time messing around with changing gears. Instead the only thing that you need to worry about is how far you press down on the foot pedal. The top speed of the Simplicity Legacy XL is a fairly impressive Controlling how fast you are traveling and slowing down is achieved using quality internal wet disc brakes.

When 4WD is turned off and you are operating in 2WD mode, it has a minimum turning radius of 0. The total weight of the LegacyXL comes to There is a choice of mower deck on the lawnmower.

You can choose from 48 inch, 54 inch, 60 inch or 72 inch mower decks. There is also a number of attachments that are compatible with this model. Similar models to this one are the Simplicity Prestige and the Simplicity Conquest lawnmowers. Have Your Say!

2017 Simplicity Legacy XL Review

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